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Buraq Cab Service to Launch in 6 Cities on 10th August


Timesaco—a Chinese firm is all set to launch its online cab service, Buraq on the 10th of August in 6 big cities of Pakistan.

The company with its cab service—Buraq has formulated a detailed plan to attract customers towards its newly built cab service for making it competitive since the 2-ride-hailing services called Uber and Careem are already operating in the Pakistani market.

The Chief Operating Officer of Timesaco—Donald Li said that the company via its cab service plans to provide a fast service platform for the Pakistani citizens by starting 5 special services which include the taxi service, heavy cargo delivery, orders delivery, vehicle advertisement facilities and moving automated teller machine (ATM).

In the initial phase, these instant services would be introduced in the 6 major cities including Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Rawalpindi.

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CEO Timesaco added that the service would be extended to other urban centres as well.

While talking to APP, Li said that initially, the cab service would offer 10percent discount rate for a ride to the health centres, educational institutes and marriage halls. He further said that Timesaco is an application on the Google Play Store and would be available for the users to download and avail these services in all the 5 major areas of the country.

As for the drivers willing to be a part of the Timesaco network they could register their vehicles with the company without any precondition.

Buraq drivers would be given 97percent share of their earnings and the company would get just 2percnt of their earnings. The remaining 1percent amount would be used for the development of the Driver’s Club for providing health and education service to the families of the drivers.

With another cab service launching in the country, citizens would have 3 different options to choose from when booking a cab for travelling somewhere.

It is pertinent to mention that this service would for sure be increasing the employment opportunities for the citizens in the country.

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