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Bullet Found in Passenger’s Bag at the New Islamabad Airport

A bullet of a 30-bore pistol was recovered from the bag of a citizen from Spain at the New Islamabad Airport.

As per the sources, the Spanish citizen—Aman Masood was to fly to Barcelona through the Pakistan International Airline flight PK-769 but was halted for inquiry by the Airport Security Force officials when a bullet was found in his possession.

Masood was taken into custody and inquiry has been initiated as per the sources.

The New Islamabad Airport started its operations on the 3rd of May after years of delays and holdups.

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It seems that though the airport has been opened it is not completely ready to serve the passengers as they complained of improper and inadequate services just a day after the airport was opened.

As per the sources, the passengers issued complains at the lack of porters, poor internet connection service, dysfunctional conveyor belt, the absence of the Civil Aviation Authority help desk and several other issues.

Furthermore, sources reveal that passengers were forced to sit on the floor in the international lounges.

Naz Shah—British Member of Parliament shared her torment and tweeted that it took her more than two hours to get her luggage.

She further informed that there were many other international passengers who had been waiting for four or more hours for their luggage.

She added that the airport is not fully equipped and has been opened in a premature condition and referred to the whole experience as embarrassing.

The biggest concern and issue with the airport is its distant location from the twin cities and the lack of public transport system to and from the airport facility.

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