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Buffalo Owner Fined for Blocking PM’s Route

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The environment department of Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) has imposed a fine of Rs2.6lac on a buffalo owner for blocking the route of Prime Minister—Imran Khan.

The forester appointed in the Environmental Regional took notice of the buffaloes and cows blocking the traffic along the route of the Prime Minister from Bani Gala and Korang Nullah.

The authorities had confiscated 15 buffaloes and have put them in the Maweshi Phatak—Islamabad Cow Mandi, which is adjacent to the Rawal Dam.

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The forester fined the owner of these buffaloes with Rs2.5lac for breaking the rules of the forest and for destroying plants planted by the IMC.

The report has received mixed reactions on social media.

Earlier, an irresponsible driver violating the Pakistan Railways code of conduct handed over the control of the train to a woman in Lahore. He placed the lives of many in risk by doing this.

As per the rules of railway no one except for the staff which is authorized is allowed to enter into the engine room of the train, however, in the video that went viral, it could be seen clearly that there were two women in the engine room beside the driver.

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