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Broccoli the Only Vegetable You Need to Eat for Boosting Your Health

The next time you go for vegetable shopping for making some cool green smoothie, you can ignore spinach and other vegetables and pick up in your basket something a little different instead.

As per Dr Rangan Chatterjee—the author of the “The Four Pillar Plan” and a correspondent on one of the BBC programme—Doctor in House, there is just one vegetable people really need to consume more of and that is—Broccoli.

In one of his article for the MailOnline, he wrote that broccoli is a life saver.

Describing the advantages of the green vegetable variety, Dr Chatterjee said that once the indigestible fibres from the broccoli reach the colon, the gut bugs start eating the fibres and makes them into smaller-chain fatty acids.

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This leads to healthy gut bacteria, improved bowel movements and health and a much better improved immune system.

Gut health is really important as it not just affects the digestive system and its functioning but also influences the mood and brain function. It may also influence the weight and the possibility of joint pain, as per Dr Chatterjee.

The relationship between healthy gut bacteria and a healthy mind is a newer concept in the emerging science.

According to the Harvard University Medical School, a person’s stomach or intestinal problems could actually be the reason for anxiety, depression or stress as brain functioning and gastrointestinal system are closely linked.

If an individual consumes unhealthy foodstuff, this leads to blazing up the connection between the brain and digestive system. However, when one consumes gut-health encouraging foods like—broccoli it could lead to reduced risks of mental health issues.

Broccoli also has got many more benefits like heart health, cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, and eye health, as per previous studies.

It should be noted that broccoli better be consumed in boiled, steamed or rather a raw form for attaining all best results than eating it in fried form.

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