British Schools to take action against forced marriages

London: After the government figures released on Thursday, London schools urged to protect girls at risk of being taken abroad for forced marriages during the summer holidays.

According to the report around third of the reports of possible forced marriage involved children. The government issued warning amid a mother in Birmingham went on trial accused of swindling her to travel to Pakistan where she had to marry a much older man to whom she was allegedly engaged when she was 13.

The activists behind the case said the case could set an example and be the first case of the country convicting for forced marriages.

According to the data released by the government’s Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) on Thursday, there were 1196 possible cases of forced marriages last year—Reuters reported.

However, these figures were 19% down from the earlier year in 2016. The reports say that the drop did not represent a decrease in the prevalence of forced marriages, but rather it remains a “hidden crime”.

You chose to remain British

The families and parents who chose to remain British and raise their children in an environment which is open on all aspects quite different from the culture parents carry along with them from their motherland. Parents should realize the way they brought up their children and do not impose their decisions on them.

It’s not the time to impose the decisions; you have passed the time where you could reshape your children’s cultural background and aesthetics because you chose to remain British a long time ago.


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