British Pound reaches a Record High of Rs.200 against the Pak Rupee – Research Snipers

British Pound reaches a Record High of Rs.200 against the Pak Rupee

US Dollar is not the only currency that has reached a record high against the Pak Rupee. Other currencies have also followed suit. The British pound has increased by Rs.10 in the open market reaching an all-time high of Rs.200 against the Pak Rupee.

Euro has increased by Rs.11 in the open market and reached Rs.176 against the Pak Rupee.

Similarly, the Saudi Riyal has gained by Rs.2.7 and reached Rs.42 in the open market against the Pak Rupee. Emirates Dirham has gained by Rs.2.6 and reached Rs.43 against the Pak Rupee.

On Friday, the Pak rupee hit an all-time low against the US dollar. It lost by Rs.2.25. The greenback strengthened slightly as it gained Rs0.10 to reach Rs.154.

Then during trading, the rupee lost by Rs2.25 to reach Rs155.15. The interbank value of the dollar affected its value in the open market that reached Rs.155.

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Just yesterday we informed our readers that Pak Rupee has dropped to a record low of Rs.156 against the US dollar in the interbank market.

Pakistanis need to raise the value of rupee by buying rupees and ditching dollars. We need to start purchasing our own products to give a boost to our own currency and our own goods.