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British Council to Invest Rs200m in Pakistan

British Council

The British Council would be investing Rs 200 million in Pakistan over the span of the next two years via a programme majorly to provide women empowerment, to support the disables individuals and to foster youth employment.

The programme dubbed as the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economics (DICE) programme would be provided throughout the five priority nations including Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt and South Africa as well as to the United Kingdom. For addressing challenges in the developing economies, the British Council programme attracts two of the significant assets of the United Kingdom—the social enterprise and the creative industries.

The DICE Fellowship is targeted at helping six hundred social and innovative entrepreneurs, of which there would be three hundred of women leaders, growing via a programme provided by the School of Leadership throughout the twelve cities in Pakistan, as per a press release released on Sunday.

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The programme is designed to assist the people, the government and the institution to work together for the development of an inclusive and innovative economy in collaboration with the United Kingdom.

The innovative industries alone contribute more than $75 billion to the UK economy and 1.8 million jobs. As many as 70,000 social enterprises contribute $24 billion to the United Kingdom economy and endure more than one million jobs.

British Council is a British organisation having specialization in international cultural and educational opportunities. It operates in more than hundred nations boosting an extensive knowledge of the UK and English language, promoting scientific, education, cultural and technological co-operation with the United Kingdom and bringing a change to the lives of people via access to education, culture, skills, society and qualifications.

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