Britain ends Quarantine for more than fifty countries


The British government announced on Friday that Britain is ending quarantines for the people coming to England from more than fifty countries which include France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. But quarantine has not been ended for the United States of America.

The government allows tourists to take summer holidays without getting worried about being quarantined on returning back to the country. However, if anyone arrives from a higher risk country than he/she will have to self-isolate themselves for 14-days.

Boris Johnson’s government has carried out debates to figure out how to ease quarantine rules. But some cities in the United Kingdom like Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have set up their own health policies and they have not even publicized plans to lift the measures.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said that a list will be published of 50 plus countries and if more overseas countries will be added to the list than they will be published later today.

According to him, this is another step to show that their nation is reopening carefully.

In Europe, the spread of the deadly virus has slowed down and now the countries in Europe are reopening travel after 3 months.

Although the whole list has not been published yet. But the Vatican City and Britain’s overseas territories like Gibraltar and Falkland are included. New Zealand is also included in the list. The USA is still on the Red List.

USA at initial stages banned flights from the UK and Europe, said Shapps.

The foreign ministry of Britain will however set out immunities from a global advisory regarding all but essential international travel.

The included countries on the quarantine-free list should reciprocate and relax their own restrictions too, the British Government said.

Although Britain had the highest coronavirus death toll, now the country is reopening its economy. Also, Northern Ireland and England are going to reopen all the pubs this weekend. Wales and Scotland will also reopen pubs later in July.

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