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Breaking Stereotypes: Happy Independence Day To India From Pakistan

Yes, it’s 14th August 2017 and everyone is talking about freedom and importance of living in a free nation. On this occasion, let’s extend hands towards our neighboring nation India and for a change talk about 15th August “India’s Independence Day”.

Why do Pakistan & India hate each other so much?

Both Hindu and Muslims lived together in Subcontinent for many decades. We lived in love, harmony, and peace. It was when British rule started that problems occurred and Pakistan and India took different paths.

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Do you guys know that even today there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan? Why all the tension and hate between the two then? It’s like two kids who are not talking to each other and have forgotten the cause of the fight.

Importance of 15th August

India became a free nation on 15th August, not from the rule of Muslims but from British colonial system. Let’s stress on this point again that Muslims and Hindus were controlled by British since War of Independence 1857.  It was then that all problems and issues started between the communities residing in the sub continent and through efforts of both Muslim and Hindu leaders India and Pakistan became free nations in 1947.

People died on both sides, sacrifices were made by both nations, blood dropped from both parties and so both the countries need to step up, forget their differences and on this occasion wish each other “Happy Independence Day”.