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Breaking Fast: Xpress Money Hosted a Global Iftar in 20 Countries on a Single Day for its Customers

Xpress Money, a global money transfer company hosted Iftar across 20 countries around the world on a single day. Thousands of people from Fiji to Canada shared Iftar meals given by Xpress money. Before the celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr starts, Xpress Money made sure that people celebrate the true essence of Ramadan. Thus across 13-time zones, a memorable global Iftar was planned and hosted. In countries including Pakistan, India, Fiji, Australia, Hong Kong, Jordan Indonesia, UAE, Oman, Bangladesh, Uganda, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UK, Ghana, Jordan, KSA, and Canada the spirit of Ramadan was shared with Xpress Money.

On May 31st, 2018 thousands of Xpress Money users ended their fast as the sun set at 13 different times zones in the 20 above mentioned countries. #XMGlobalIftarBox contained dates, water, fruits, juices etc for the customers.

Vice President, Global Marketing, Xpress Money, “We set out to do something different this Ramadan. Iftar is a time when friends and family get together to break their day-long fast. As the Xpress Money family, which consists of customers and partners, is spread across the world, this year we decided to organize a Global Iftar on the same day across 20 countries with the aim of sharing Iftar meals with our customers across the globe.”

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Xpress Money agent in Southall, United Kingdom Imran Waheed, from Shan Travel, said, “Ramadan is a very special time for millions of Muslims across the world and breaking fast together is a big part of the community. It was a fantastic moment for my store and our customers were very glad to receive such a wonderful gift from Xpress Money.”

Xpress Money has been organizing special Iftar distributions for its workers from past five years. Dubai police have worked hard and supported the program by Xpress Money.