Brazil Prevents the Spread of COVID 19 by closing its Land Borders.

To avoid the spread of the coronavirus, Brazil has decided to close all the land borders for fifteen days for all its neighbors.

According to the minister, the country will be blocking entry by land or road for all the neighboring countries except Uruguay in the south.

On Tuesday, it shut the border with Venezuela.

There are some other South American countries that have taken more drastic measures to prevent the spread by completely closing their air, land and sea borders. The countries include; Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

And now in Brazil, a complete shutdown of borders has been announced by the Senior Brazilian officials, for instance, Rodrigo Maia the chamber of Deputies speaker.

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As per the closure, there is a ban on the foreigners coming from, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Guyana, French Guyana, Argentina, Suriname, and Paraguay.

This ban is neither for the Brazilian nationals nor for the foreigners who already exist in the country.

This restriction is also not for those people who are on humanitarian missions or for those trucks which are carrying goods. They are allowed to enter the country.

The open border between Brazil and Uruguay will have a separate verdict issued soon.

This step has been taken by Brazil after witnessing 428 cases with four deaths. This country is known to be Latin America’s largest country having a 210 million population rate.

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