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Brazil Offers Cooperation With Pakistan’s Renewable Energy Sector

Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan Claudio Lins is keen to develop bilateral trade relationships with Pakistan. He addressed the meeting in Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) on Monday and told the gathering that Pakistan-Brazil Business Council (PBBC) will be established soon in order to promote trade relations between two countries.


He informed gathering, after formal inauguration of Pakistan-Brazil Business Council (PBBC) a dinner would be arranged in Islamabad during next few months, business communities and government departments would be invited to attend the event including FCCI.

In answering a question on honorary counsellor from Faisalabad, he asked President FCCI to nominate two persons at least so he can forward the proposal to his government, the persons should have some business linkages with Brazil.

While answering another question of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) he said that it’s not clear which projects are undertaken under the mega infrastructure project. Although, Pakistan requires investment and technology upgrade to expand its industrial sector.

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Brazilian Ambassador gave a detailed presentation on Brazil’s expertise in hydroelectric and renewable energy resources, he also said Pakistan needs to build medium dams which would help in meeting energy demands in the country without adding carbon to already carbon saturated environment.

He told gathering that Brazil is meeting its energy demands 60 percent from hydroelectric resources after China and USA, Brazil can help Pakistan in this sector.

Pakistan has moderately developed sugar industry in place, which can be utilized to produce ethanol and alcohol and exported as cheap bio fuel. He said he will visit the university of agriculture in Faisalabad (UAF) to discuss collaboration between the universities of both countries who can work together to produce cheap bio fuel.

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He pointed out the fiscal year 2016 bilateral trade between Pakistan and Brazil which stood at $487.61 million. Brazil exports were at $451.68 million worth of goods to Pakistan whereas Pakistani exports recorded only $35.93 million. “Thus the balance of trade was in favour of Brazil”, but Pakistan should also push to add more revenues in their exports, he added.

Brazil had also improved its per hectare yield (crops) with the HELP of modern technology and doubled its cropping system. We encourage Pakistan to take this step “Pakistan can also modernize its agriculture technology by cooperating with Brazil in agriculture sector”, he added.