Brands need to invest $1000/month on ads, as per demand from X

Elon Musk has found yet another idea to generate revenue through brands. Previously, the bigger brands were told to pay $1000 to keep their blue badge on the platform. And with the latest announcement, the platform is now asking brands to invest up to $1000 on ads per month. Those brands that do not follow this will lose their checkmarks.

Rebranded as X, Twitter is highly dependent on ads, like many other social media platforms. As we look back, this year in May, the biggest advertisers on Twitter declared the platform to be a safe place for ad investors and is no longer “high risk.”

Although what we got from the latest reports is quite the opposite, The latest reports mark a 50% decline in the revenue of the platform that was being generated through advertising. Chances are that these declines were followed by all the chaos and huge amendments that were made to the platform. Now X is threatening the brands to invest $1000; in any other case, they’ll lose their blue mark. if they haven’t invested at least $6,000 or $1,000 in advertisements during the past 180 days.

Brands must spend at least $1,000 every month on advertising

Musk said that this was done to make it more difficult for organizations that provide account verification to create large numbers of accounts. Of course, the billionaire-added organizations have the option of purchasing their badges for just $1,000.

“Or they may just pay $1000 per month for a verified organization subscription that gives them the opportunity to grant affiliates access to that organizational authority. With organic reach, this more than compensates for itself. Musk remarked.

Most small and medium-sized firms cannot afford to spend $12,000 per year on a verification badge. Now, asking them to pay an additional $12,000 for advertisements appears to be an exorbitant request. Many small enterprises and nonprofit organizations are requesting a lower tier for obtaining a verified credential.

Elon Musk is going to extraordinary lengths to make his X profitable. This even includes a 50% discount on all new ad reservations through July 31.