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#BoycottIndia Becomes Top Trend in Malaysia


#BoycottIndia is trending in Malaysia.

A remark by the Prime Minister of Malaysia—Mahathir Mohammad at the United Nations General Assembly last week on the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir made Twitter go frenzy.

Many people, who seemed to be the Indian nationals, showed their disappointment via #BoycottMalaysia over the remark of PM Mahathir Mohammad that Kashmir had been “invaded and occupied”.

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As the count of tweets increased 8,000, others, assumingly, Malaysians decided to break their silence on the matter and responded with #BoycottIndia.

The trend witnessed a rise in support of Malaysia and Dr. Mahathir.

In mid of all these boycotting hashtags, many other citizens, asking for an end to the arguments, asked for focusing on the bigger agenda.

One person tweeted that instead of boycotting the counties, why do not people boycott racism, underage sex, inequality, plastic.

On the other hand, Munir Akram has been appointed as the Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN headquarters. He has replaced Maleeha Lodhi.

This development came as a surprise even for the government ministers. These ministers have appreciated Maleeha Lodhi and her team for the successful arrangements of PM Khan‘s visit to New York.

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