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Boycott Murree – Tourists Harassment by Murree Locals is On the Rise

Murree is one of the most beautiful, exotic mountain resort town of Pakistan located in the Galyat region of Pir Panjal Range, Rawalpindi. It is a land of breathtaking sceneries, serene atmosphere, and cool weather. Residents of the twin cities have numerous times visited this tourist destination, while those who visit Rawalpindi and Islamabad make sure that they take time out to visit the place. Unfortunately, presently the number of tourists visiting Murree has gone down drastically. The security condition of the area is fine but the attitude of Murree locals towards the tourists is distressing.

The degrading attitude of Murree shopkeepers, guest house management, staff, and the local crowd is compelling the tourists to boycott Murree. They are exploiting the tourists to gain extra money.

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Other than this the attitude of Murree locals with women, children is humiliating. Harassment, misbehavior is increasing day by day.  Just for some extra money, the locals are torturing the families with hefty bills. The bills charged by the local restaurants in Murree are even more than the Five-Star, reputable hotels in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

The tourists visiting with their families try to avoid conflict but the current situation of Murree is like either you will get into a fight or you can just avoid visiting the place altogether, which is quite disappointing. The people in Pakistan are known for their hospitality, love and welcoming attitude.

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But now Murree seems to be stuck in an inside war. Also as social media is so much used these days that any incident or mishap is reported within seconds. Nothing can escape the eye of media in today’s age, thus the Murree issue has been highlighted so much.

Here is a video of a fight in Murree

And look at this

#Boycott_Murree Log Murree Jana Chor Q Nahy Daity Yar . Murree Ab Family Picnic Point Nahy Raha. Murree Waly To Pagal Ho Chuky Hain . In K Kartoot Page Py Share Karty Hain Hum To Ulta Hum Sy Naraz Hoty Hain

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