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“Boycott Murree” Campaign Takes A Toll on The Hilly Spot Tourism

The ongoing “Boycott Murree” campaign has affected the business activities of the area badly as people across the country have joined hands to boycott visiting Murree. As per the recent reports on social media the tourist families were harassed, blackmailed, insulted and cheated by the locals of the area.

Some videos and photos were also circulating on various social networking sites showing tourists getting humiliated, abused and physically beaten by some people who were supposed to be the area locals. In this situation, a public call to boycott paying a visit to the hill station has been rotating on Facebook and Twitter under the hashtag of “Boycott Murree”.

As the campaign accelerated, tourism and all its related business activities in Murree have witnessed a serious setback. Sources reveal that senior PML-N leaders and notables of the area have contacted the Prime Minister to play his role in dealing with the situation by taking solid steps for facilitating the tourists and all their concerns.

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However, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has not taken any notice so far which is causing outrage and frustration.

As per a source, requesting anonymity the month of May has never been this difficult for the most loved tourist destination. In the past few years, people in greater quantity visits Murree before the holy month of Ramazan and then after Eid. Ramazan is about to begin but hardly any tourists are seen. The Boycott Murre campaign is taking a toll and the leadership’s indifference is worsening the situation.

When the PML-N’s President in Murree—Raja Daftar Abbasi was contacted relating the matter he said that indeed tourism has been affected owing to the campaign, but he denied that tourists were facing any high-level of harassment which has led them to boycott Murree.

He said while conversing with local media that the issue is highly exaggerated, and things are not as what they seem. He added that why would the people of Murree disrespect the tourists when they are the major source of their earnings. He further said that there had been some incidents involving tourists and locals but so happens everywhere. People of Murree are hospitable towards the tourists and understands that their livelihood is attached to these tourists.

Raja Daftar Abbasi claimed that the owners of certain hotel chains in the area of KP which are in close proximity to Murree are behind this defamation campaign against the tourism of Murree for attracting more business to themselves. He added that they are trying to divert the tourism business from Murree and are incorporating ugly techniques for achieving the purpose.

When inquired about PM’s indifferent attitude towards the situation he said that they all are following his instructions and a lot is happening at the national level, PM is engaged in taking care of things. And that they are working under his guidance in this area.

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