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Boy Raised $6000 Running a Lemonade Stand

A South Carolina boy has raised around an amount of six thousand US dollars to assist in paying his younger brother’s medical bills. He was able to make this huge amount by running a lemonade stand.

Andrew Emery—a nine-year-old boy set up a shop outside a used truck authorization selling lemonade cups and t-shirts that say #teamdylan, as per the reports of Index Journal.

Besides, clothing and refreshments, customers could also buy label stickers or even write messages of support and encouragement on a poster board.

All up he was able to raise an amount of five thousand eight hundred and sixty US dollars to assist his baby brother, who is suffering from a rare neurological condition called Krabbe disease.

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This disease results in causing symptoms like limb stiffness, slowness of the mental and motor development and seizures. This disease could even prove fatal sometimes.

Through Facetime, Andrew often keeps a check on his baby brother as he lies in the hospital and intends to spend the money which he has been able to raise on the bills of doctors and a teddy bear for the baby.

He told the Index Journal that he just wants to help Dylan as he is his baby brother.

Andrew’s dedication towards his baby brother has provided an inspiration to the community and now many other people have joined him in trying to help.

Jeannie Davis—an instructional assistant at Andrew’s school while conversing with the Index Journal said that all are praying for Andrew’s younger brother and would do anything in the world to help him.

Dylan is to return back to his home from the hospital in Pittsburgh soon and Andrew has major plans for him when he reaches his home.

He said that he is going to hug him when he sees his baby brother.

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