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Want to expand the exposure and viewership of your YouTube channel while also raising audience engagement? Producers can communicate with subscribers in a variety of ways, such as through comments, shares, likes, and dislikes. But have you ever used polls on YouTube? Your regular YouTube videos can become useful tools for getting subscriber feedback by using YouTube polls. 

Creating a YouTube poll is one way for creators to boost audience interaction. Furthermore, YouTubers can obtain insightful input from their viewers by using polls.

“Community polls are driving much greater traffic volumes than should reasonably be expected,” claims content marketing agency TheDubs.

YouTube Community Poll Votes are available for purchase by content creators looking to improve poll success and online visibility. This method is an easy and quick way to improve YouTube channels without sacrificing effectiveness. Creators can achieve more success on the platform, broaden their audience, and boost engagement by utilizing this method.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know, including how to produce YouTube polls and insight-driven videos.

What are polls on YouTube?

YouTubers construct online surveys known as “YouTube polls” to solicit feedback and comments from their audience. Both the audience and the creator may see the results instantly. Polls, which are made by the YouTube Community, are a simple method to learn new information and apply it to your advantage. Without utilizing an outside website or survey, producers can close the gap between companies and consumers by employing a YouTube poll.

Let’s imagine you have a YouTube channel dedicated to cooking at home. Your intended audience will be other home cooks searching for simple recipes. You can conduct a survey to find out what ingredients your audience currently has on hand, and then use that information to produce a YouTube video that features those essential elements. 

Students looking for more knowledge and assistance are probably your target audience if you operate an instructional YouTube channel. Make a YouTube survey to find out what topics your audience is most in need of assistance with, then use the most popular response to inform your upcoming instructional video. 

Verify your eligibility for a YouTube poll

Before utilizing YouTube polls, creators and followers must meet a few prerequisites.

YouTube subscriber requirements for polls

  1. Voting is only possible if viewers are signed in to their YouTube accounts. 
  2. Users using mobile devices have to be using the iOS and Android YouTube apps.

Content creator requirements for YouTube polls

  1. Channels on YouTube that have more than 500 subscribers are able to view Community posts. 
  2. The appearance of the Community tab may take up to one week if you have just gained 500 subscribers. 
  3. Verify that your YouTube channel isn’t intended for children.

What you need to know about making a poll on YouTube

How to Make a YouTube Poll

There are just four easy steps involved in creating a poll on YouTube. 

  1. Go to the same interface as when creating a YouTube post, since a poll is a sort of post on the platform. Enter your YouTube Studio login information and select “Create” from the menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select “Create post” from the menu. 
  3. Select the “Poll” menu item. Here, you can include a poll question of your choosing with up to five possible answers that subscribers can select from to vote on.
  4. After adding the poll question and all of the options to the corresponding field, you can either click “Post” or schedule the post to go live at a later time.

By selecting the Visibility option located in the upper right corner, you can easily adjust the visibility of a YouTube poll. 

Creators have two options for poll visibility: Public, which shows the poll to all subscribers, and All channel members, which shows the post to channel members exclusively.

How to Make a Poll in the Middle of a Live Event

It is also possible to construct polls while a program is live. Streamers can utilize this helpful feature to get viewer input while they are streaming. 

Live broadcast polls are subject to the following restrictions: A maximum of two to four options may be selected by creators for viewers to vote on.

  • The replays of the live conversation do not show polls.
  • Only one day is allotted for live polls.

Click the “Create a poll” icon located on the left side of the chat window to start a poll during a live broadcast.

Voting sites for YouTube polls


GetAFollower is a well-known tool that has gained a lot of popularity among influencers, content producers, and anybody else trying to increase their visibility and interaction on YouTube. 

GetAFollower’s user-friendly interface and simple navigation make it simple for users to access a wide range of features and tools that can increase the number of poll votes on YouTube.

GetAFollower offers an array of reasonably priced packages designed to help you increase engagement without breaking the bank. You can also see concrete results quickly and efficiently and increase engagement and participation through the platform, ensuring votes are delivered in a timely and reliable manner. 

Buy Real Media

This website’s years of experience and dedication to providing top-notch services have helped it establish a strong name in the social media marketing sector. With Buy Real Media, you may buy real YouTube votes from YouTube channels that are genuine. 

This raises the legitimacy of your material by guaranteeing that responses to your surveys are sincere and from actual users. The best thing is that the purchased votes are delivered quickly and effectively by Buy Real Media. 

After payment confirmation, you’ll notice a noticeable spike in participation in your community polls in as little as 48 hours. That’s not all, though. Buy Real Media is not limited to YouTube. They also provide a plethora of services to increase interaction on your other social media platforms. They can help you grow your Instagram following or increase the number of likes on your Twitter post. 

Their all-inclusive strategy for social media marketing makes them an easy one-stop shop for enhancing your entire online presence and expanding your reach. Therefore, Buy Real Media is the best option if you’re searching for a reliable and efficient technique to increase participation on your YouTube community polls and other platforms.

Media Mister

One reliable and well-known platform is Media Mister, which offers great social media marketing services, including the ability to purchase YouTube votes for local surveys. Because of their knowledge and experience in the industry, Media Mister has established itself as a trustworthy option for companies and content producers wishing to increase YouTube poll engagement.

You can buy YouTube poll votes in a number of ways when you go with Media Mister. They offer packages that are tailored to meet your exact requirements, regardless of whether you need a certain quantity of votes or want to split them among several studies. 

A notable characteristic of Media Mister is their dedication to supplying actual and active votes from YouTube viewers, guaranteeing that your surveys obtain true and legitimate participation from the community. Social media marketers and YouTube video makers favor the platform because of its affordable prices and quick delivery. 

Media Mister is a dependable and efficient way to help you reach your engagement objectives if you want to increase contact and involvement in your YouTube community polls.


One of the top platforms for social media marketing solutions is Useviral. Although they are well-known for their proficiency with Instagram, they also provide the opportunity to purchase votes on YouTube for local surveys. UseViral’s emphasis on authenticity and quality is one of the main characteristics that make it unique.

Every vote you buy comes from actual, active YouTube users, offering sincere and worthwhile interaction. UseViral takes pleasure in providing its clients with outcomes. They connect your poll questions with appropriate users using sophisticated targeting techniques, which raises the possibility of getting thoughtful and pertinent votes. 

Utilizing UseViral’s services has allowed many users to claim significant increases in their involvement with their YouTube community overall and in their engagement rates. Additionally, UseViral’s customer service is well-regarded. They are renowned for being quick to respond and committed to helping their customers, which makes for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

The benefits of utilizing YouTube polls

Any YouTube channel may increase interaction by making YouTube polls, which are simple to use and highly effective. Check out these six reasons why poll cards are a great tool for creators to interact with their subscribers. 

Details about the upload timetable

In real-time, creators may pose direct questions to the YouTube community and their fans. Use a YouTube survey to find out when visitors prefer to watch, so you can prepare material ahead of time. of time. Optimizing the days of upload to maximize viewer engagement can be beneficial. Easy but efficient to use. 

Reconnect subscribers with previous content

Use YouTube polls to reroute users to older video content in order to increase the number of views. YouTube surveys can encourage new viewers to watch more of your channel since they may not be familiar with your earlier material. Even the recommended videos from the YouTube poll can be turned into YouTube Shorts. Polls are a vital tool for content creators to use in order to collect data, communicate with subscribers, and plan the direction of their channel. 

Your viewers can have an impact on the video’s content

To get inspiration for creating new video content or to find out what your subscribers are interested in, you can use polls. Engage your audience by letting them choose the videos to watch through polls; this will help them feel important and needed. Using YouTube polls, you can quickly and easily obtain input from your followers about your content without having to spend time reading through the comments section of each video. You may learn what material is effective and what you should avoid producing by getting feedback from your audience. 

Play around with your views and subscribers

Not all poll questions need to be serious. You can make a YouTube poll with interesting topics to draw in viewers and engage in enjoyable exchanges. Encourage viewers to participate in the discussion and express emotion. The more personal and friendly connections you make with viewers, the more subscribers you may acquire. 

Start a conversation 

Although they’re not simply for quick answers, YouTube polls are excellent for gathering feedback. In an effort to encourage dialogue and discussion in the comments section, creators can use the poll to pose targeted questions to their audience. One of the easiest ways to appear on the YouTube recommended page is to get more comments from visitors, which is a wonderful justification for setting up a YouTube poll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Votes for Community Polls on YouTube that were purchased secure? 

Of course! Votes in YouTube polls are completely safe to purchase from reliable vendors. Reputable businesses guarantee the integrity of your poll by providing real votes from real YouTube accounts. It is imperative that you avoid providers who offer votes created by bots, since they may violate YouTube’s standards and put your account in danger of suspension.

How Soon Do the Votes in the Polls Get Delivered? 

Depending on the source and the quantity of votes you purchase, the delivery time for poll votes may change. Generally speaking, trustworthy platforms make an effort to transmit votes as soon as possible, honoring your timetable and guaranteeing that you may act quickly on the poll results. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to find out when delivery is anticipated before making a purchase.

Are Votes for Any Kind of YouTube Poll Purchaseable? 

Indeed, you are able to buy votes for many kinds of YouTube polls. Whether you’re looking for voting solutions for a multiple-choice question, preference poll, or opinion survey, trustworthy vendors can meet your needs. This adaptability enables you to successfully engage your audience and gain insightful knowledge on a variety of subjects. 


If your channel has more than 500 subscribers and your content isn’t aimed at children, you must use YouTube polls. 

By using this feature, creators can interact with their audiences and get immediate feedback from them. As a result, channel members may feel appreciated and included.

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