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Bomb Found and Defused at Jung Shahi Train Station, Thatta

bomb found

A bomb was found on the tracks closer to the Jung Shahi train station on Sunday morning that is today in Thatta, as per the reports of local media.

The bomb was found on the train track leading to Karachi, 3-kilometres away from the Jung Shahi railway station in Thatta.

The Bomb Disposal Squad had been asked to come in from the city of Hyderabad for dismantling the explosive device. The explosive has successfully been defused. It was a 0.5kg bomb as informed by the SSP Thatta.

The bomb could have targeted the Hazara Express and the Zakaria Express which were scheduled on the route.

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The explosive found was a remote-controlled bomb.

Police informed that 7 suspects have been taken into custody following the incident.

The area had been sealed temporarily and the trains were stopped. The police had taken the area under surveillance.

Trains have started normal operations again from Karachi to Interior Sindh and from Lahore and Rawalpindi to Karachi.

Shabbir Sethar—the SSP Thatta has given confirmation to the news and said that the police were hinted about the bomb at the train station early on Sunday morning.

Police officials in heavy amount were present at the station.

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