BOL Is Launching BOL Entertainment Channel Very Soon

Bol News is the most controversial yet honest Pakistani channel we have today. The journalists and anchorpersons part of the channel are known for their brutal honesty be it Hamza Ali Abbasi or Amir Liaquat.

Now the news is that Bol is all set to launch its third channel which will be an Entertainment Channel called ‘Bol Entertainment’. The focus of this channel will be to bring “high-quality content suitable to the diversified audience of Pakistan, which will be entertaining as well as providing a family-friendly TV viewing experience to the Pakistani masses. BOL puts forward adherence to Pakistani culture and heritage, therefore, BOL Entertainment’s refined content is all set to promote these values not only within Pakistan but to the world.”

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Bole entertainment main building is being established in Karachi covering 26 acres of land. There will be one Central Executive Office Building and seven technologically sophisticated and spacious Studio Blocks part of BOL Entertainment office.

The CEO and President of BOL Entertainment Channel is the multi-talented Pakistani actor Nabeel Zafar.

Currently Bol is marketing the famous writers, directors and actors who are joining the Bol Entertainment Channel which include renowned directors, Asif Asad, Khalid Ahmed, Mohsin Mirza, Furqan T. Siddiqui, Shahid Naqvi, Ali Tahir, Naeem Khan, Syed Atif Hussain along with popular writers Adeel Razzaq, Iqbal Bano, Wajih-ur-Rehman Warsi, Amna Riaz, Seema Ghazal, Saqib Sumeer, Rizwan Hassan and Saima Akram Chaudhary and many more.

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