Boeing 777X Aircraft Launch Expected in 2020

Boeing 777X aircraft is expected to launch in 2020, despite the delays, as revealed by the Boeing representative.

Boeing 777X builds on the extremely successful model of the Boeing 777. Some innovative features have been added in the new aircraft that includes folding wing tips. The first test aircraft came out of the Boeing factory in March. The Lufthansa’s first 777X is presently in full assembly.

There will be two models of Boeing 777X, 777-8 and the 777-9. 344 777Xs have been ordered out of which Emirates ordered 150 aircraft.

777-8 aircraft will carry 384 travelers over 8,690 nautical miles distance while 777-9 being the larger carrier will carry 426 travelers over a distance of 7,285 nautical miles.

The price of the two aircraft is $410.2 million and $442.2 million respectively.

A Boeing representative said,  “The first 777X flight test airplane rolled out of the factory in March 2019. We are working toward first flight later this year, to support entry into service in 2020. We’re progressing to and preparing for the flight test program. 

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Adding, “Teams are focusing on the final systems, propulsion and airplane-level tests necessary to confirm the safety of the airplane prior to the flight, per our normal development process.”

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