BOE To Supply Flexible OLED Panels To Samsung For The First Time

Flexible OLED panels

According to the reports, BOE will supply OLED panels for Samsung mobile phones for the first time.

According to the report, this time BOE is supplying the flexible OLED that Samsung is best at, used in Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy M series mobile phones. This product is not well-positioned in the Samsung family and is expected to be new in the second half of the year.

According to the data, flexible OLED refers to OLED based on a flexible substrate. It uses a plastic material (polyimide) instead of a hard glass substrate to enable the display to bend. Due to its lightweight, small size, and a high degree of design freedom, flexible OLEDs are classified as high-quality products, which can be used in cutting-edge smartphones, edge-bending or folding smartphones, etc.

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It is reported that due to the shrinking of Huawei’s mobile phone business due to sanctions, BOE needs to seek new partners to make up for the loss. The favour of Samsung seems to be an affirmation of the quality and price of BOE’s flexible OLED technology, and it also lays the foundation for further expansion of cooperation in the future. However, industry sources revealed that BOE gave Samsung a shocking offer.

Prior to this, Samsung Display has always been the only supplier of flexible OLEDs for mobile phones under Samsung Electronics.