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Body of Newborn Baby Found on Flight

The body of a newborn baby was found on an AirAsia flight en route from Delhi to Imphal through Guwahati. The flight was flown on Wednesday, the July 25 as informed by the police officials.

The baby it appeared was delivered in the toilet of the aeroplane during the flight. The baby’s mouth was filled by toilet paper.

The baby’s mother appeared to be an underage girl. She was travelling from Imphal, the police sources revealed. She was held by the police after all the female passengers on board were inquired regarding the baby.

The police have filed a case of death on the flight. The case is being investigated to learn that whether the baby was born still or has been suffocated to death.

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The airline informed that the newborn baby was found dead and left in one of the lavatories when the aeroplane was all set to land. The Delhi Police was immediately notified and a doctor from the medical team at the Delhi International Airport confirmed that the baby was delivered on board.

As per the statement of AirAsia, they are providing their utmost cooperation to the police department for conducting the investigation. The statement further added that the matter has been reported to the Director General of Civil Aviation and the aeroplane’s staff are providing services to other guests and also cooperating with the Delhi Police. It also said that the airline would provide maximum help and cooperation to all the related agencies for investigating the case.

AirAsia India also apologized to all the flying guests for experiencing disruptions in their scheduled flights.

The police have this suspicion that the baby was stillborn, as per the reports of India Today.

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