Blue Whale Game Enters Pakistan

By now most of us know that Blue Whale Game is a suicide challenge targeted towards youngsters in depression. It has killed teenagers in Europe and India and now it has entered Pakistan.

An unknown group chooses its victims and then send them the challenges of the game. The victims are asked to perform tasks and the vigilantes ask for photographic proof of each task completed. In the end, the victim is asked to take their life.

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Now such cases have come up in Pakistan as well. Five teenagers, including a girl, was admitted to Peshawar’s Khyber Teaching Hospital, having various degree of depression.

A psychiatrist of the hospital, Dr. Imran confirmed that the victims played Blue Whale game, and reached their condition after falling into the trap of Blue Whale challenge. He identified that the victims belonged to Mardan and Dera Ismail Khan Districts of KPK.

Dr. Imran informed about a girl victim of the challenge. He said, “She was so depressed that she attempted to commit suicide.”

There are a lot of jokes popping up about Blue Whale Challenge, a lot of people are interested to play the game, just for the fun of it. To all those immature teenagers out there, youngsters of your age have died, falling in the game’s trap. Many of us love to take up a challenge, an adventure but the situation at hand demands maturity. We need to be more sensitive towards the people who died fighting depression. If individuals are looking for a challenge in their life, why not help those who are falling into the deep pit of depression, let’s show them some light instead of claiming to take up a stupid challenge.

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