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Blue Moon 2018 is a Sign of Jesus Christ Return – Conspiracy Theorists

As per the conspiracy theorists, the Blue Moon 2018 is a Biblical sign of the return of Jesus Christ and the Rapture. Those theorists who have linked Bible’s theories with the movement of the moon, now claim the return of Jesus Christ.

Those who believe in the Bible’s Doomsday prophecies believe that on March 31st  Blue Moon will announce the end of days and mark the arrival of Jesus Christ.

The Blue Moon this March will be the second full moon to appear this month. It will rise in the sky on Easter Sunday eve.

As per the Conspiracists, this is the clear sign of not just the return of Jesus but also the time when the souls of those who were on the right path will be sent to Heaven and those who were in the wrong path will be sent to Hell.

Online conspiracist Gevte says that Blue Moon is an undeniable sign of the end of times.

On his website, he wrote,  “If the planet Jupiter leaving the constellation Virgo on December 2, 2017, represents the birth in the Revelation 12 sign. Then Leviticus chapter 12 calls for a 40 days of purification for a male birth and 80 days for a female birth. The body of Christ is made up of both male and female, so if you add 120 days (40+80) to December 12, 2017, you come to March 31, 2018 – Passover & Blue Moon.”

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Adding, “Many rapture watchers are now considering that on the Blue Moon on Passover is a high watch time for the Rapture. Many Rapture Watchers are having dreams and visions that World War Three will start around the Blue Moon at Passover.”

On the other hand, the Biblical analysis website said, “Scripture nowhere encourages us to try to determine the date of Jesus’ return.

‘Rather, we are to ‘keep watch, because we do not know on which day our Lord will come’ (Matthew 24:42).

“We are to ‘be ready because the Son of Man will come at an hour when we do not expect Him’ (Matthew 24:44).”