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Bloomberg Refers to India’s Kashmir Move a Shock Decision

India’s Kashmir move

As per the editorial board of Bloomberg—a prominent American news service, India’s Kashmir move is a “shock decision”.

The editorial published on Friday stated that the decision of India this week of revoking the autonomy of its edgy state of Jammu and Kashmir is a decisive measure for the PM Narendra Modi. It further stated that without any variation, it would definitely fail.

It also mentioned that the government of India has revoked Article 370 of the Constitution with no warning or whatsoever which has provided Kashmir with a degree of autonomy.

Indicating the grievances of the people of Kashmir under the Indian rule, the editorial further read that the Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party headed by the PM Narendra Modi, intents to eradicate rather than celebrate a Muslim majority state.

It further read that most of the special honours offered to the state in black and white had long been shaved away in practice.

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Stressing on the surge in unemployment and the low volume of the investments in occupied Kashmir, Bloomberg said that forcing the will of the central government over the people of occupied territory would only be increasing and further intensifying the grievances of the Kashmiris.

The article further threw light on how badly India needs to form a plan of engaging with Pakistan, both diplomatically and commercially as the changing status of Kashmir would not do anything for easing the tensions with Pakistan.

The editorial concluded by mentioning that the government of Modi is leading in the opposite direction in Kashmir. It further read that until India finds some suitable way of making Kashmiris feel like full citizens, in charge of their lives and their futures, their land would remain the way it had been for years, a troubled entity, and a threat to the peace and prosperity.

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