3 more bloggers caught promoting blasphemous content

Promoting Blasphemous Content

While the government is struggling to get rid of hate-speech content from the internet, three more bloggers caught promoting blasphemous content. Two of these bloggers are from Karachi and one from Islamabad.

The Pakistani law is against blasphemy. The law does not promote profanity. And being an Islamic state, content against Islam is not tolerable. The Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has been condemning such activities, be it from within the country or outside. He also said that everyone has a right to speak freely. But freedom of speech does not mean to spread hate.

In the recent event, the three offenders remain anonymous. The law understands how crucial it could be if their privacy is compromised. However, the police department did tell that one of the detainees has a fake Facebook account. This blogger has been using an evangelist’s name and has a followership of 12,000.

While social media sites are one of the most active platforms in Pakistan, users seem to forget about the real world. These lost users do not consider the outcomes of their actions on social media network. Promoting blasphemous content is not just about showing love for the religion. But it is also placed to provide safety to those committing blasphemy. Previously, 65 murder cases have been registered where militants intervened in the name of Islam.

Due to the past few blasphemy activities, the intelligence has sensed a rather warming talk on blasphemy law by some Islamic preachers. To tackle them, the police is also prepared to avoid any extreme happening. Five of the earlier detained bloggers, accused of blasphemy and Pakistan’s military, fled the country due to threats receiving from some militants soon after their release from police custody.

Most of such activities are found on Facebook, the most widely used social media network in Pakistan. The government is in favor of blocking Facebook with others to avoid any such further incidents. The Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan earlier this month also noted that local versions of Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp could be launched to control users in promoting blasphemous content.

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