Blizzard Giving Away PC For Blood Donation

Blizzard hasn’t exactly been subtle in its marketing of Diablo 4, but its latest PR stunt takes things up a notch. To mark the start of the Season of Blood, the company is now giving away a very special PC.

Win a Cooled PC

This prize is – according to the advertising promise – “a PC cooled with real human blood”. Fortunately, you don’t have to take that quite so literally.

To celebrate the release of the game’s new season, Season of Blood, and the associated “Blood Harvest Event” (Diablo Blood Harvest), Blizzard has launched a month-long blood donation campaign in the US that will unlock in-game rewards the more players participate.

So it’s a good thing. Blizzard organized the blood donation campaign with the Red Cross and wants to use this campaign to raise awareness among young players about the ever-short blood supplies in US hospitals.

As soon as the donations have reached a total of 666 quarts (i.e. a good 630 liters), the players can take part in the raffle. All players also have the option of special rewards: The first level with special weapons will be unlocked as soon as donations have reached 33 percent of the goal.

When 66 percent donations are reached, players will also gain access to the Loch Raeth Maor Barbarian’s Armor. If donations reach 100 percent of the goal – a total of 666 quarts of blood – “The Vermilion Eye Piebald Mount” horse harness will be available and the custom PC competition will open.

Aside from the “human blood in the coolant” gimmick, the winning PC features an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, an Intel Core i9 CPU, 64GB of DDR5 RAM, 3TB of SSD storage, and a Quantum Vector GPU water block for cooling.

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