Bitcoin Investments – Why You Should Consider Adding Them to Your Portfolio

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 Bitcoin investment is a question a topic that remains debatable. People are apprehensive about investing in bitcoin. But the fact of the matter is that over the years, there has been a considerable rise in investment in cryptocurrencies, use this app. Despite bitcoin being able to sustain itself and its value for more than 10 years now, this cryptocurrency is still under the gauge.

Bitcoin being a pioneer cryptocurrency has managed to garner the attention of investors. Below highlighted are some reasons that will make it clear to you why Bitcoin is a good investment.

1.         It is safe and secure- Investing in bitcoin is always considered a safer option. Over the years, bitcoin has managed to overcome the apprehensions surrounding the safety aspects of this cryptocurrency. One of the key reasons that kept people from investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin was that it sustains in the long run.

However, the current development in this domain highlights that bitcoin has gained popularity and wider acceptance. Around 15,000 companies globally or accepting bitcoin payments. This ranges from making payments for coffee and pizzas to travel and accommodation booking payments. For Deloitte, around 300 companies in the US alone are accepting bitcoin payments.

2.         It will give good returns- What is the primary reason people invest is that they expect a good return on investment. Among the different assets and investment options available in the market, bitcoin offers a good and high return on investment.

Let’s explain this with an example. Before 2021 there was not much awareness and popularity of bitcoin. The value of bitcoin also did not rise above dollar 10,000; however, the scenario completely changed in 2021.

Despite the harrowing times of the pandemic, people started investing in bitcoin, and its value reached the mark of $ 65,000. Companies like micro strategy and Tesla have invested thousands of dollars in acquiring bitcoin. This highlights the growing significance of this cryptocurrency. Hence investing in it will give you good returns in the future.

3.         Promotion of decentralized finance- Another reason driving people to invest in cryptocurrency is the shift toward centralized finance. The conventional transaction methodology revolves around third-party validation and approval. In the case of bitcoin transactions, the user doesn’t have to wait for a third party to validate the transaction.

This initiates faster execution of the transaction and promotes cross-border transactions as well. In addition, one doesn’t have to get into the hassle of paying high transaction fees. Hence companies are now accepting bitcoin payments. This is also led to a rise in the dependency on decentralized finance services. In 2021 there were around dollar 200 billion deposited in decentralized finance services. The growing numbers highlight the significance of defeat and its scope in the future.

4.         Rise in the number of crypto trading platforms– The rise in the number of crypto trading platforms is yet another addition to the list of positives of investing in cryptocurrencies. More than 500 crypto exchange platforms are offering you the ease of exchange and buying and selling of bitcoin. The rising number of cryptocurrencies in the market and crypto trading platforms highlights that people trust the crypto ecosystem. Hence, if you plan to invest in bitcoin, it is the right time to start.

Essential Tips For Trading Bitcoins Like A Pro

If you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies, the first step is registering yourself on a trading platform. There are more than 500 kinds of trading exchange platforms out there in the market out of which finding the right one could be quite challenging. To make your crypto trading journey safe and hassle-free, you can start by searching for the best trading platform.

Basic research about the crypto market and how cryptocurrencies perform will help you make the right decision. Make sure that your investment decisions are driven by the research of the crypto market.

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This time there is going to be a rise in the number of crypto holders. Hence you should not delay your investment journey and start registering yourself on a credible crypto exchange platform. Just make sure you choose to add the best cryptocurrencies to your investment portfolio.