Birth Registration made simple by Pakistan

Birth Registration

Another venture has been put forward by Plan International Pakistan to expand the quantity of birth registrations. The exceptional thing about this venture is the utilization of cell phones to do these. Birth Registration (DBR), is the venture that has been a joint exertion between Plan International Pakistan in conjunction with the government in provinces and well state offices. The underlying member regions in the wellbeing arrangement were Chiniot in Punjab and Sujawal and Tando Muhammad Khan in Sindh. Local civil body divisions additionally added to the venture with the telecom member being Telenor.

Birth Registration is a basic human right according to the UN

In valuation for the new Digital Birth Registration framework, the boss, Dr Asma Hyder, Member Social Sector, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, said that the provision of universal education and health would only be possible if every citizen was known. Only with the help of a strong built CRVS system would such a task be accomplished.  The new Digital Birth Registration system was one of the most important steps towards the future the government wanted, she added.

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Imran Yusuf Shami, the acting country director, Plan International also voiced his support for the new registration system by saying that it was a major step that would help the country grow.

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