Bird Sanctuaries and Garbage Needs To Be Removed from The Airport

Bird Sanctuaries and Garbage

The bird sanctuaries and garbage need to be removed from the airport.

Today PIA’s latest addition fleet got damaged because of a bird strike. The birds exist in the sanctuaries and emerge from the garbage dumped near the airport. This is due to the irresponsible behaviour of the stakeholders who visit time and again and cause millions of damages to the aircraft.

And people shout if the services provided by the PIA are not up to the mark, so now they too are raising voices after seeing the national flag carrier facing damages caused by those who refuse to stop dumping garbage and remove sanctuaries from near the airport.

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Such people are responsible for putting the lives of the people in jeopardy who are travelling from the airport.

An expert pilot was successful in diverting the plane today and landing it safely, but negligence can take many lives.

Immediate action is required now. These bird sanctuaries and garbage need to shift somewhere else. And for this purpose, a responsible industrialist is needed who care about humanity and the citizens of this country. They need to be stopped for playing with the lives of the people and also for causing damages of millions of rupees to the airlines.

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