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Biometric Verification A Must to Cash Punjab Govt.’s COVID-19 Relief Funds

COVID-19 Relief Funds

Usman Buzdar, the Cheif Minister of Punjab has said that the applicants of the government of Punjab relief fund could avail the COVID-19 relief funds however for the purpose biometric verification is a must so they must get it done to cash the amount delivered into their bank accounts.

People could go to shops offering online payment services and get their verification done there too. But, these shops are still closed, although the government has given the orders to remain open.

The provincial government has so far attained about 10 million applications for the package that is aimed at the money distribution among the needy families that are affected by the lockdown impositions owing to the coronavirus.

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The officials are presently analysing and choosing the individuals that are fit to be offered the aid.

The CM Punjab said that Rs.1.5 billion would be transferred into the account s of the needy people in the span of next twenty-four hours.

During the next phase of the package, the money would then be distributed among the daily wage labourers.

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