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Biometric Verification A Must for Vehicle Transfer After March 1

Biometric Verification

The Biometric Verification would be made mandatory for the transfer of vehicles in Islamabad by March for avoiding fraud and the use of vehicles on the open letters.

Bilal Azam—the Director of Excise and Taxation Office (ETO) told Dawn that the owners using vehicles on open letters have been told to have their vehicles transferred by the 28th of February, after that all such vehicles would only be transferred after the biometric verification of the owner.

He added that following the introduction of the policy on the 1st of March, the transfer of vehicles would only be possible after the biometric verification. He also said that people do not have to come to the ETO for biometric verification, they could visit any NADRA office to have their biometrics verified and produce the receipt issued to the ETO.

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 He further informed that the ETO would then verify the receipt with the transaction ID in no time and transfer the vehicle.

He also said that more than one million vehicles are registered with the Islamabad’s ETO and that his office registers 400 to 500 vehicles per day.

It has also been decided by the ETO of Islamabad that only the vehicles of the residents of the federal capital would be registered.

Mr Azam further added that the process of registration would be made online.

He further explained that though there is a restriction on the registration of vehicles that belongs to the people who are not the residents of Islamabad at the local ETO, however the office accepts such applications with affidavits.

Mr. Azam also mentioned that an online tax and token system would also be launched so that the vehicle owners could pay their token tax in the bank or through mobile banking.

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