Biometric Verification A Must for Private Hajj Pilgrims

Hajj applications

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has announced about making the biometric verification a must for the intending Hajj pilgrims under the private Hajj scheme.

The Ministry would be notifying the pilgrims via phone call or SMS for making sure that the biometric verification is done before their passports would be submitted for visa issuance.

The aspiring Hajj pilgrims could get themselves registered biometrically via “Etimad” centre which is approved and acknowledged by the government of Saudi Arabia.

As per the Hajj Policy 2018, one lac seventy-nine thousand two hundred and ten Pakistani nationals would be performing Hajj this year, out of the total count one lac nineteen thousand four hundred and seventy-three would perform Hajj under the Government Hajj Scheme, while the remaining fifty-nine thousand seven hundred and thirty-seven Pakistanis would perform Hajj under the private Hajj scheme.

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The first flight of the Hajj pilgrims of the current year under the Government Hajj Scheme would most likely be leaving for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the 16th of July, as confirmed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony official.

He further informed that the government of Pakistan has improved the facilities for the Hajj scheme.

Hajj is a holy ritual performed by Muslims every year in the month of Zil-Hajj. Thousands of Muslims around the world travel to Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj. It is a difficult form of worship as Muslims have to remain away from the comfort of their homes until the Hajj is performed. It is a mandatory religious ritual for all adult Muslims at least once in their lifetime—who are physically fit and financially capable of undertaking the journey and could also support their family in their absence.

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