Bing has now exceeded 100 million daily active users

It’s just been a few weeks since Microsoft introduced the new ChatGPT-enabled Bing. Since then, the new Bing has attracted hundreds and thousands of users. Some of them have gained the access to new Bing while others are still waiting for access. In between, we have come across something very interesting from Microsoft’s VP for Modern Life, Search, and Devices, Yusuf Mehdi. According to information from Mehdi, Bing has crossed the mark of 100 million daily active users.

Mehdi credited the success of combining search, answers, chat, and creation into one experience to Bing’s rise as a result of its distinctive value proposition. He added that this increase in users validates their belief that the search sector has to be reinvented.

Besides this, Bing is still considered a small player in the search category. However, Mehdi claimed that the company might be successful with more engagement from users. the growth of the search engine can be attributed to two major reasons i.e., upgraded core web search ranking and switching of users from Chrome to Bing. The quality improvement is of course, due to the latest incorporation of OpenAI’s Prometheus model.

Well, the acquisition of 100 million daily active users is an achievement. But still, Bing has to go a long way in order to compete with Google. Since Google has already 1 billion daily active users. It is a key player in the search market. Besides this, Google is facing competition for the first time in years. In response to this competition, the company has introduced Bard. However, Google seems to run short of ideas on how to utilize the chatbot without negotiating the traditional search business.

“Even while this is a rather noteworthy number, we are fully aware that we still only have a tiny, low, single-digit percentage of the market. Having said that, I feel good being here at the dance,” Mehdi said.