Bing Chat has improved very much in two important ways

Bing Chat is believed to be one of the most efficient and convenient AI tools among the ones available. And along with that, Microsoft has put in some significant updates that have made it even more powerful.

Among all these updates, the most prominent and valuable was the one about Bing Chat’s memory, which enabled the users to have long conversations. As in previous events, Microsoft enabled a limitation that specified the length of chat before which a refresh chat was required in order to be safe from AI meltdown. This chat limit has been extended, but we are unaware of the details just yet.

As it was declared by Bing itself, there was no limit in the chat, but as per the experiment, there was a 2000-character limit being shown in the chat. As for testing, a link can be copied and pasted in the chat for it to read it.

Curious about this limit, a long Wikipedia report about the US Constitution was pasted and summarized by the software. And the length of this page was about 1700 words, as told by Bing itself.

As for the performance enhancements, they were also claimed by Microsoft, especially regarding the Edge sidebar, but there were no significant changes. Although Bing always works in an efficient manner, for the Wikipedia report of 1700 words, it just took 15 seconds to complete that lengthy task.

The ability to generate photos in the sidebar and carry on chats even after closing the tab or switching to another page are two more improvements to Bing Chat. I closed the sidebar, opened a new tab, and typed “charcoal sketch of a quokka” into Bing Talk. I then ran a memory test on it by telling it to “do it now as a super sharp color shot with bokeh lights in the background.”

The chat response was efficient and represented in the sidebar with four adorable critters in front of charming bokeh-rich lights. The result’s accuracy was up to par.

As Bing Chat keeps improving, meanwhile, Google is trying to put all its efforts into its very own AI release called Bard. As of now, OpenAI and Microsoft are both at the top in terms of refined GPT-4 technology.