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Bin Alam Housing Project Declared Illegal – RDA

Investments in housing projects, property businesses have increased in Pakistan with time. Now & again you will hear about a new housing society kicking off its project in an area, town or city. But beware, not all the projects are legal or have completed all the legal procedures important before initiating a project.

Recently Bin Alam City Housing Scheme was declared illegal by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Rawalpindi Development Authority is registering a case against the project and has also issued directives to the public that the housing scheme project of Bin Alam City Housing Scheme is illegal.

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The housing scheme officials have been asked to stop the illegal publicity of their project. Furthermore under the Punjab Private Housing Scheme and Land sub-division rules 2010 a notice has been issued to the housing scheme to halt the illegal advertisement campaign of the said project.

The general public of Pakistan need to be aware and intelligent enough while making investments in this project and similar projects. They will not like to lose their money, so before investing in any project find out if the relevant authority has approved it or not. Otherwise they will be responsible for losing their money.

Property dealers are also guiding people not to make investments in illegal housing schemes.