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Bill Gates to Aid Pakistan’s Health Sector

Bill Gates in an official letter to the Minister for National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination (NHS)—Saira Afzal Tarar has made the announcement of aid for the polio eradication and health services in Pakistan.

The offer was made by the billionaire after a meeting with the minister in Abu Dhabi. During the meeting, both discussed the options of collaboration in the health sector between the foundation and the Government of Pakistan.

As per the confirmation of the NHS official new divisions would also be included for aid provision which includes the mother and child health, reproductive health and the innovations in the health sector.

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The official also informed that the modalities are under discussion between the technical teams of both the parties and decisions need to be finalised.

The official further mentioned that the details would be made final in March, once the deliberations of both the teams are taken in view.

A letter was sent by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, referred to a date of 5th December 2017, confirming that both sides have selected their respective principal persons for carrying out the collaboration and to finalise the details.

For representing the interests of the foundation Dr Hassan Damluji was chosen while for the Ministry of National Health Services Representation Director General Health—Dr Assad Hafeez was selected.

Bill Gates appreciated the leadership of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi—the Prime Minister for giving special and personal attention to the polio eradication campaign and for making it a success.

He also lauded the role being played by the NHS in eradicating the polio and for introducing the significant reforms in the health division.

Saira Tarar informed Bill Gates that Pakistan is monitoring actively the present hotspots where the virus is still present and spreading.

She said that the polio eradication in Pakistan is taken as a national imperative and enjoys complete political support. This ensures the sustainability of the program and it would continue with strong administrative ground which had already been aiding the program.

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