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Bill Gates Suggest 6 to 10 Weeks Lockdown

It has long been clear that the United States is the new coronavirus source and is just the beginning. Experts fear a catastrophe, but President Trump is already dreaming of a return to normal. Bill Gates, however, appeals: The US must shutdown.

Earlier this week, Bill Gates spoke about the state of affairs regarding Sars-CoV-2 and the Microsoft co-founder feared the worst even then. Because he said that the United States had ignored the threat for too long and was too poorly prepared.

US Must Shutdown For Longer: There Is Middle Ground

The Microsoft legend, which has dealt with health threats and possible pandemics since he left the company, does not tire of pointing out the seriousness of the current situation. Because in an interview with the news channel CNN, Gates said that there is no middle ground in the fight against Covid-19.

The spread of the coronavirus can only be curbed if the USA coordinates and, above all, immediately shuts down. That is also the only way to minimize the long-term negative consequences for the economy. Gates said that there was no chance that the country could slowly return to normality at Easter, in a good two weeks.

Neither Gates nor moderator Anderson Cooper mentioned a name, but it was clear that this meant Donald Trump. You have to act immediately and “six to ten weeks” consistently carry out all necessary measures. This means, among other things, a massive expansion of the tests and a consistent shutdown, “so that we can stop it before there are a large number of deaths.” The Microsoft co-founder spoke of a “nightmare scenario” and said that it was unpredictable “how slow and messy” the response to the virus outbreak was. Gates also knows that a shutdown has a “gigantic price” – but the alternative is worse.

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