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Bill Gates Put a Bollywood Film on His Best of 2017 List

Bill Gates—Microsoft Corporation co-founder has heavily praised the Bollywood film Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and mentioned that the film has educated the audiences relating the sanitation challenges in India.

The movie was on the list of his seven most inspiring items in 2017.

Gates tweeted on Tuesday that undeniably 2017 had been a tough year—but the year also delivered some super cool moments of hope and advancement.

Later he tweeted about the Bollywood movie and said that it was a romantic film about a newlywed couple and it educated the masses about India’s sanitation trials.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha is directed by Shree Narayan Singh and the story plot revolves around a man named Keshav, who is madly in love with lady Jaya and eventually gets married to her. Later after marriage, the lady complains that there is no toilet in the house to which Keshav responds with temporary arrangements thus delaying the actual solution of the problem.

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The actor starred opposite Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Pednekar—the lady who played Jaya’s role thanked Bill Gates for applauding and recognizing their efforts.

She added further in her tweet that the film was an effort to end-the since years practised tradition affecting masses of the world. She wrote that they hope that their effort might result in making open defecation a thing of the past.

The concept of the movie is amazing and for sure is eye-opening for many people. Women need to get themselves respected and for that, they need to voice out their genuine demands. Flowing with the since-years practised trends could prove torturous sometimes, moving with the pace of the world is essential for survival and growth.

The open defecation problem is not just in India is being practised in many parts of the world. The practise is unhygienic and not-likeable—hence it is essential that awareness campaigns should be launched as had also been done in the past. Educating masses is the key to many of the prevailing problems today in the world.

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