Bill Gates Offers Help To New US President Joe Biden In Corona And Climate Change

Bill Gates on WeChat - Instant Messaging

Bill Gates, co-founder and long-time head of Microsoft, has shown no political tendency for many years or has shown no clear preference. That has changed with the pandemic and Donald Trump’s mismanagement. And Gates is looking forward to the Biden era.

Donald Trump and the Covid-19 pandemic was anything but a success story. The ex-president ignored and played down the corona problem for a long time, even when there were already thousands of deaths, his reaction was at best half-hearted. That was an occasion for Bill Gates to exercise frequent and sharp criticism of the 45th US President.

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Joe Biden made the fight against the pandemic the most important point of his inauguration and, among other things, made masking compulsory in government buildings. That is a demand that Bill Gates certainly supports. Because the 65-year-old congratulated the new president on Twitter yesterday and offered the new government his reduction – during the pandemic and beyond.

Bill Gates looks forward to working with you

“I look forward to working with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to tackle some of our toughest challenges such as Covid-19 and climate change. It’s been a troubling time in America recently, but the months and years to come are bright.”

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In three more tweets, Gates points out that normalcy is not far off as more and more people are receiving vaccinations every day. Gates: “Until then, we can slow the spread of the virus and save lives by keeping our distance and wearing masks.”

Gates is also delighted that President Biden is going out into the world again. Finally, Gates: “While Covid-19 will rightly continue to dominate the agenda, the United States also has the opportunity to lead the world in avoiding climate catastrophe. The president is taking a great first step by re-joining the Paris Agreement.”