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Bill Gates lauds Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against COVID-19

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The founder of one of the tech giants Microsoft, Bill Gates appreciated the efforts made by Pakistan in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

During an interview with the globally known media outlet CNN, Gates has compared the coronavirus situation in Pakistan with Europe and acknowledged Pakistan’s flattened COVID-19 curve. The COVID-19 situation in Pakistan was like Europe, but they worked hard to bring the number of cases of coronavirus down, he said in the interview.

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The founder of Microsoft endorsed the COVID-19 policies implemented by Pakistan and said India by contrast, doesn’t look great. He further said that the situation of the novel coronavirus in India is similar to that of South America.

It is pertinent to mention here that the confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have witnessed a massive decline in the country in recent days and the government of Pakistan today (Monday) has lifted almost all restrictions from across the country.

The PTI-led federal government of Pakistan has reopened all restaurants, hotels, gyms, theatres, cinemas, beauty parlors, and other businesses across the country. Business hours and weekly holidays have been reverted back to pre-COVID-19 practice.

On the other hand, marriage halls, schools, and other educational institutions across the country will reopen from September 15. The number of the confirmed cases of the COVID-19 stands at 17,799, while 6,097 people have lost their live due to the deadly virus so far.

1 thought on “Bill Gates lauds Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against COVID-19

  1. Well done. It looks Imran Khan should be called to implement COVID policies for all of South East Asia, or indeed for all the countries in the OIC block.

    What a wonderful talented leader. Even lauded by Bill Gates – fantastic. And of course Bill Gates was not impressed by India’s policies – i mean how could he? Imran Khan just eclipses all all other leaders in the region. We in India look forward to this great leader’s dynamic role in fighting off the Covid Virus.

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