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Bilawal Bhutto Gets Digital: Hologram Tech Will be Used to Address Party Workers

Technology has brought ease and advancement in lives of common people. But are we adopting it? We still use old worn out voting systems, old ways to address people, conventional practices to communicate.

Well, it’s changing now. Chairman PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will use hologram technology to address party workers in 30 cities, on Sunday.

It is not possible for him to be in 30 cities at one time, so he has adopted the technology to address his people. Using the hologram technology will make people that their leader is with them. He is talking to them in person.

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The address by Bilawal Bhutto is significant in a way that it will be related to PPP’s foundation day that is 30th November.

This is not going to end here. Bilawal also intends to use hologram technology to reach out to the people in his election campaign. Party’s tech workers are already testing 3D hologram technology as per reports. As per Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmad, PPP Central Secretary Information, PPP will use the technology for small gatherings and not for big public rallies.

This is just the beginning of tech usage in politics. Imran Khan, PTI Charmian is also considering using the technology to address people.

So Pakistani politicians are getting digital, they are embracing technology and making full use of it.

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