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Bilal Maqsood Tests Positive for COVID-19

Bilal Maqsood

The famous singer Bilal Maqsood has tested positive for COVID-19. The singer himself shared the news on social media.

He is the vocalist and guitarist of the much-loved band Strings. He took it to Instagram and as he was conducting a Question and Answer session with his fans asking about his father and family, he revealed that he has also contracted the contagious virus but the rest of his family is safe and doing well.

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Many other celebrity stars have also gotten infected by the coronavirus. These celebrity figures include Rubina Ashraf, Shahid Afridi, Vasay Chaudhry, Wajahat Rauf, Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz, Rahim Shah, and Abrar ul Haq. They shared their experiences after recovering from it.

Recently Vasay Chaudhry shared that he has recovered from the virus. He also told his fans that he showed no symptoms of the virus at all and that he informed all the ones he got in contact with to get themselves tested.

On the other hand, the government is planning to reopen schools and colleges soon. In the span of the last 4 months, this is the first time that the coronavirus spread rate has seen a dip in the country and this has led to such considerations. However, any decision would be made after the consultation of all the provinces and the Ministry of Health.

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