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Bilal Maqsood Amazes All by Drawing with Both Hands

bilal maqsood

Bilal Maqsood, who is the co-founder of the famous band Strings and also the son of the most respectable and renown writer Anwar Maqsood has proved that he is not just an excellent singer, but also an amazing artist, a painter, a lyricist, a composer and a guitarist as well.

We all are clearly aware of his talents, however, none of us knew that he could draw using both of his hands simultaneously.

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He shared a portrait recently of a couple in lockdown on his Instagram.

It is apparent that the famous star has got some amazing skills which have from his super talented family. In his family, there are many big names of the country. Starting from his father, who has brought pride to Pakistan many times by his unique and influencing way of writing to Fatima Suraya Bajia, Zehra Nigah and Zubaida Tariq. All of them have made their names in their respective fields.

On the other hand, the Bollywood charmer and one of the most-liked artist Deepika Padukone, has recently shared a series of her most heard songs during the lockdown. In the list, there was the song sung by our very legendary singer Abida Parveen. The song was the coke studio version of Chaap Tilak.

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