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Bikini Airline, Vietjet Becomes One of the Most Popular Asian Airlines

Bikini Airline, Vietjet is a Vietnam based airline. The airline is not just cheap, it has recently become highly popular in Asia. It is led by a woman entrepreneur named Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao. The airline is called Bikini airline as its air hostesses dress up in either bikinis or swimsuits. This is quite different from other airlines where there are properly covered suits for the staff.

In less time VietJet gained huge popularity mainly because of its unique uniform. This, in turn, made the CEO of the airline, first self-made woman billionaire.

Along with positive fame, the airlines have also faced criticism. Many countries feel that the uniform of air hostesses is quite inappropriate. Now as the airline is expanding its business in India, many believe that this will add controversy and create issues for the airline. All Indians will not embrace the bikini uniform openly.

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If we talk about the revenue of the airline, in 2017 it gained a revenue of $986 million by transporting around 17 million passengers. Compared to 2016 it was 41.8% increase in revenue.

Presently VietJet has its operations in 60 routes that are both local and global. The aim of the airline is to have 200 aircraft by the year 2023.

In Dec 2011 the airline started its operations. Due to the unusual costume of the air hostesses, the airline soon became the second biggest airline in the country. Controversies went hand in hand with this fame. The airline was recently criticized for sending models wearing swimming suits with the footballers who were traveling home from China.

Though it is quite peculiar yet unique step by an airline to dress its staff in bikinis, allowing them to travel in lingerie’s with young men was just too much for many people on social media.