Bike tracker in Sindh would be made compulsory by the government

bike tracker

Biker Tracker: The Transport Department has forwarded a summary to the CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah urging the government to make it compulsory for bikes to install trackers on them.

The province of Sindh has been suffered the most in street crimes including bike theft, the people of Karachi and other urban cities have been facing this menace for years now, but the transport department is about to make a new move which could curb bike theft and street crime.

According to the details of the summary, the trackers would be made compulsory for new as well as old bikes; bikes not complying the tracking device compulsion would be charged with heavy fines, the government is also asked to provide a deadline for installation of tracking devices on bikes.

Once the summary gets approval from the assembly, the manufacturers would be directed to install trackers on the new bikes, the new bikes would be coming with preinstalled trackers after this development, the Minister for Transport and Mass Transit Awais Qadir Shah informed.

Criminal use stolen bikes to initiate more crimes in the urban cities of Singh, stolen bikes not only drives the financial loss but also fuels the crime in general, it has been estimated that 95 percent of street crimes and conducted using stolen bikes and the law enforcement agencies find it extremely difficult to track down these bikes.

There are several drives on their way which are positively regularizing the country’s traffic including a drive to wear the helmet and e-challan system. However, provincial governments find it quite difficult to implement the changes.

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