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Bike Prices Increase up to Rs.6,000

bike prices

The Bike prices have increased up to Rs.6,000 for the different types including the motorcycles of Yamaha and Atlas Honda as the auto companies have taken the step to pass on the impact of the new taxes on to the customers.

Since the start of the last year, the motorcycle firms have surged the prices 9 times, as per the Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers (APMA) Chairman—Muhammad Sabir Sheikh.

Earlier, the firms increased the prices owing to rupee depreciation against the dollar, however, this time the change in tax rules has resulted in the increase in prices.

The Chinese firms have also hiked prices for adjusting the taxes that the government imposed in the new budget.

As per the notification issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the government has included motorcycle and its spare parts in the Third Schedule of the Sales Tax Act 1990.

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The vehicles and the spare parts would be taxed as per the declared retail prices and not based on any custom value.

Atlas Honda increased its CD70 price from Rs.70,900 to Rs.73,900 with a total sales tax of Rs.10,737. In the same way, the price tag of CD70 Dream has been surged up from Rs.74,900 to Rs.77,900 with a total sales tax of Rs.11,318.

The price of CG125 has also been increased from Rs.136,500 to Rs.144,900 with a sales tax of Rs.21,053. The cost of the CG125 Self (Special edition red and black) was also hiked to Rs.146,900 from Rs.137,900 with sales tax of Rs.21,344 as per the company notification to the dealers.

The price of Yamaha YBR 125Z increased from Rs.127,500 to Rs.130,500 with sales tax of Rs.18,962.

YBR 125G has witnessed a surge to Rs.153,000 from Rs.149,500 with sales tax of Rs.22,231 and the price of YBR 125 increased from Rs.144,500 to Rs.147,500 with sales tax of Rs.21,432 as per the company notification sent to the dealers.

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