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Biggest Book Sale of the World Opens at Expo Centre

biggest book sale

The biggest book sale of the world has opened at the Expo Centre of Lahore on Thursday. The book sale is arranged by the Big Bad Wolf Books.

Raja Yasir Humayun—the Minister for Higher Education and Tourism officially inaugurated the event. The event is known for its unique feature of being open round the clock, the sale would continue until the 29th of April.

The Founder of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale—Andrew Yap and the event organizer—Awais Akhtar Butt and Hajra Afzal were also present.

Andrew Yap said that reading is a tool for comprehending the world in a better way, it helps in creating a better understanding and version of oneself. It inspires peoples to learn new things and gives them the power to dream big.

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He added that at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale aims to make the access of affordable books continuous so that more people could read and that the event introducers are super happy to be in Lahore.

The sale visitors would get a chance to browse via their favorite genres in various categories. The sale features the best books available in the literary world from art, history, science, poetry, architecture, and fantasy.

An enormous variety of the books of children which includes the activity books as well as the augmented reality storybooks would also be available.

He further added that they are also bringing in the Little Hippo Augmented Reality (AR) books for the children. They understand that technology is something they cannot deny, and children are more in tune with technology. He also said that its comes-to-life feature provides children with a magical experience as they see their favourite characters talking and engaging with them.

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