Big chip contract awarded to Samsung by an unidentified AI company

Like many other companies, Samsung also views AI chips as a significant chance for growth in future. The company is planning to expand the production of these advanced chipsets that will lead the company to the top in this segment. In order to fuel these aims, Samsung has signed a big contract with an AI company (name disclosed) to develop AI chips on its next generation 2nm node.

Most semiconductor foundries are currently working on increasing 3nm production with the goal of gaining contracts for 2nm nodes. Samsung has taken an early lead over its biggest rivals, including TSMC, which it is particularly eager to compete with.

Samsung has great hopes for their 2nm process

Samsung announced this contract on a recent earnings call but did not share the identity of the AI startup. In any event, it demonstrates that Samsung’s attempts to catch up with TSMC in the next-generation manufacturing process are yielding results.

Samsung has apparently received a deal for 2nm AI circuits, HBM3 memory, and advanced packaging. This emphasizes the fact that Samsung is developing data center products under this contract. Samsung’s 2nm process is scheduled to be available in 2025, combining gate-all-around technology with an MBCFET design.

The company anticipates its 2nm node to perform well, potentially providing a 25% efficiency boost at the same clock speeds as its most recent 2nm gate-all-around architecture. There may also be a 12% increase in power efficiency and a 5% reduction in die size. Samsung has already indicated that its first 2nm wafers will be utilized to build smartphone processors.

It is unknown whether Samsung obtained this contract with the undisclosed AI business by offering a discount. It was previously reported that Samsung explored offering discounts on its 2nm wafers to steal business from TSMC.

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